The Photographer

Hi there! I’m Amy, and I recently relocated to Orlando, FL!

Photography runs in my family, so I spent most of my childhood and adolescence watching my Dad take pictures of everything in sight. I finally picked up my first real camera in 2014, and I basically haven’t stopped shooting since. I do a lot of traveling and I never leave without my camera, but I’ve built most of my business on portraits.

More than anything, I love to take pictures of people. My first love was candid photography, whether it was strangers on a hike or my own friends on college choir trips, and that led me into the world of headshots and portraits. People are so dynamic and interesting on their own, and each person presents their own unique creative challenge. Each portrait session is a little like a puzzle; I take my subject’s personality, coloring, and features and try to pair them with a pose, background, and lighting that I think will showcase them the best.

I never over-edit. I always want my pictures to show the best versions of my subjects, as opposed to an enhanced or unrealistic version. Your portraits will look like you on your best day.

I’d love to take your picture! To set up a photo session, contact me here.